About Us

Pak Agro Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd

We are pleased to introduce the activities of our company M/s. Pak Agro Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd established in the year 2006. We have state of the art Oil Extraction Plants with crushing capacity of 500 tonnes per day situated in the vicinity of Port Qasim. We produce washed edible oil by extracting it from all type of Oil seeds such as Canola, Sunflower Seeds and Soybean Seeds to fulfill the requirements of our valuable customers. We have installed Cooking Oil Refinery equipped with fully automated machinery having product capacity of 100 MT Oil per day and a Gas Hydrogenation Plant for manufacturing of quality VTF Banaspati Ghee.

Due to acute shortage of Good Quality Cooking Oil and Banaspati Ghee in the Pakistani market, the company management then decided to launch it’s own brand under the name of ‘HARPAL Cooking Oil and Banaspati’.

Our Mission

Our responsibility at Pak Agro Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd is to revolutionize the edible oil industry by providing the quality products to our customers having good taste and filled with nutrition. Our experts are working round o’clock with aim to deliver value added healthy products to our customers at all times.

Our company is known in the market as a reputable Edible Oil Manufacturer due to excellent performance and commitment. We strongly believe that our customer is our asset.

Our Vision

We have vision to develop a culture of innovation in edible oil industry by using modern technologies with highly skilled personnel to make sure consistently supply of premium quality edible oil enriched with essential nutritional values for the current and future generations. To become the most sought after brand in the mind of the consumer. To adhere and exceed the quality standards set by the state both locally and globally.

The Facilities Include

Canola Seed, Sunflower Seed, Soybean Seed crushing capacity of 500 MT per day. A state of the art made from stainless steel cooking oil refinery has a refining capacity of 100 M.T per day. A gas hydrogenation plant for manufacturing of quality banaspati ghee with a production capacity of 100 M.T per day.

The biggest only Cotton Seeds processing facility in Karachi that has machineries for de-linting, de-hulling and bailing. The most advanced laboratory with a well trained and skilled team of Chemists for routine quality control of our products. The most clean and automated section for filling and packing of cooking oil and banaspati products. Approximately 3 Mega Watts of own Gas Power Generation for the facilities already mentioned. A latest Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant with a production of 50,000 gallons per day installed to meet the requirements of clean and quality water for the working force and production facility.

Storage Capacity

Steel structured Silos imported from Turkey for the storage of edible oil seeds. Quantity of 6000 M.T seed can be stored in the silos and other than the silos, the mill has additional space of storing edible oil seeds of 8000 M.T. Oil Tanks for the storage of edible oil has a capacity of 5000 M.T approx. Meal can be stored around 3000 M.T.