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Harpal Products

Harpal Cooking Oil and Banaspati are enriched with multiple nutrients that translate into health benefits for every member of a family. It is 100% pure, double refined and free from cholesterol. The products are produced under scientifically supervised hygienic conditions in high quality control methods. Once the goods are packed, they are preserved in state of the art temperature controlled warehouses in order to ensure best quality products to our consumers

Why Fry in Harpal?

Frying in Harpal gives you the most tempting aroma with a delicious crispness of your favourite fried dishes. The most prominent feature of frying in Harpal is the ultra high temperature (UHT) treatment that keeps your food and oil fresh for a longer time.

Why Cook in Harpal?

Harpal excels at everything that a chef may expect from any cooking oil due to its purity, colour, nutritional values, mild mouth watering flavour and the benefits of ACTILIFE.

What type of Food using Harpal?

The unique features of Harpal enable you to prepare any Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Turkish, Korean and variety of European dishes.

Harpal Cooking Oil

Quality Cooking Oil extracted and refined from the edible oil seeds imported from US, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Romania. Harpal Cooking Oil has the lowest saturated fat contents. It is the only cooking oil in Pakistan that contains the benefits of ACTILIFE.
Harpal Cooking Oil is not only low in saturated fats but also high in healthy unsaturated fats. It is an excellent source of Omega 6 – Linoleic Acid (LA) and higher in Omega 3 – Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA).
Both Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for the development of brain and muscles, production of hormone and vital for the nervous system of a human body.
It is non-solidifying cooking oil and has amazingly light colour having no traces of odour. It is also Zero grams trans-fat free cooking oil that keeps you healthy. It is prepared through an extensive 7 stage processing method that clearly distinguishes Harpal from any other available brand in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is Cholesterol Free, contains Anti-Oxidants and enriched with Vitamins A, D and E.

Harpal Banaspati

Harpal Banaspati is prepared from 100% pure vegetable oils. The premium quality vegetable oils are imported from Malaysia and Indonesia and are then double refined in our state of the art plant. The quality is controlled by our specialized staff in our most advanced laboratory.
It is a VTF (Virtually Trans Fat Free) Banaspati. It has reduced trans-fat levels of less than 1% when compared to other brands that contain 25% of trans-fats. Our special light blend of Canola Oil also increases the nutritional values and makes Harpal Banaspati a much healthier choice.
The granular texture, special aroma and a mouth watering taste clearly distinguish Harpal Banaspati from normal Banaspati brands. It is hygienically refined, have a balanced fatty acid composition, fully processed and easily digestible and high in nutritional value.

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