Implementing high-tech
Processing Plant

We follow international standards to manufacture our terry towels, from direct
warping to sizing, and packing them in premium cartons to be shipped locally and internationally.

Using modern European & Japanese machinery plant to produce finest quality terry towels

We follow international standards throughout the entire production process, using modern European and Japanese machinery operated by highly skilled staff.

  • Yarn Procurement
  • Warping & Sizing
  • Weaving
  • Wet Processing
  • Cutting & Stitching
  • Inspection & Packing

In House Facilities

The yarn is procured from top Spinning Mills producing high quality yarn made from superior cotton.

The Yarn is combined from the creel of different cones to a beam. It is then impregnated with particular substances
that form a film on the yarn’s surface to improve the yarn’s smoothness and tenacity during the subsequent weaving stage.

Our latest Airjet looms use a jet of air to propel the weft yarn through the warp shed to form top quality greige towels fabric.

The greige towels fabric is processed chemically to obtain aesthetic properties in terms of softness, water absorbency, whiteness, etc. If needed, the fabric is then dyed by adding the colors/dyes.

The wet processed terry fabric is then cut and stitched precisely as per the demand of our esteemed customers. All the parameters and specifications of the products are well monitored by our trained workforce in order to minimize the wastages and produce the best quality finishes.

Prior to packing, the products are thoroughly inspected using various inspection devices and instruments. Once our quality control department is satisfied, the goods are then finally packed using the best quality packing material.

Our Production Capacity is 10 tons per day
with a variety of 6 color weft insertion.