Our Mission

Our Ambition is to be the world’s most dynamic
and leading textiles manufacturing company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one value added
environmental friendly textile exporter.

Our Process

Our professionals combine yarns from different cones to form a sheet while preserving yarn elongation and maintaining uniformity. The goal is to create yarns wrapped on a flanged barrel to maintain the density of yarn mass within a given tolerance level.

The extensive weaving unit of air jet looms allow us to produce fabric in different weaves, densities, and widths. The fabric is then customized according to our client’s requirements, allowing us to work with different yarn compositions and densities. We take pride in having a strong grip on air jet weaving looms.

Our highly skilled team ensures that every product meets international standards of weaving, dyeing and stitching. Thus, the team meticulously reviews and controls the product size, weight, design, and pile height as per the customer’s requirements. We only use the best quality dyes and chemicals and start with patch testing for the permanent coloring of products.